The way to use Sentinel Controller in Path of Exile: Sentinel

In Path of Exile, players can use Sentinel league mechanic to get a lot of help.


In Path of Exile, players can use Sentinel league mechanic to get a lot of help. Sentinel League introduces a layered new mechanic for Path Of Exile endgame, allowing players to create loot explosions on demand throughout the campaign and Atlas. However, setting up players’ Sentinels to earn meaningful POE Currency or other rewards is a bit puzzling. If players can learn to use Sentinel Controller, then they can get better loot. Here’s how to use Sentinel Controller.

If players are just entering the Sentinel league, they will first encounter the Sentinels in Act 1’s The Coast zone, where most of the league mechanics will debut. Here they will find a Sentinel Cache that contains the Stalker Sentinel and Sentinel Controller. This button will be on the left side of the inventory in the rest of the league.

Opening the Sentinel Controller, players will find a grid of rune symbols that they can hover over to read the various rewards they grant. They can connect nodes at will to plan their own meshes and change them for free. However, before the Controller node can actually do anything, you need Sentinel Power.

Players need to use their Sentinels to get Sentinel Power. There are three types of Sentinels, and each type of Sentinels grants monsters unique abilities. Killing empowered monsters enhances their Sentinel Controller and fills the Power arc at the top, with each square representing another link that players can activate. The Sentinel Controller will automatically power the connections players set up when they get power so they can plan. And if players want to increase their strength quickly, they can buy some POE Currency on POECurrency, which is the safest and fastest way. Try it!