Lost Ark weekly update fixes Korean Voice-Over DLC

Heroes of Arkesia, you should all be used to weekly server updates.


Heroes of Arkesia, you should all be used to weekly server updates. And last week’s update brought Lost Ark’s servers to a complete halt. As usual, this weekly reset will allow players to reset their bonuses and rewards, while some patch notes will be deployed to improve the game. Players can also buy Lost Ark Gold to fill up their backpacks. As usual, the server reset took place on Thursday, June 9th. The DLC gets an update with several audio fixes.

Last week’s Lost Ark servers went offline on June 9 at 12AM PST / 7AM UTC / 9AM CET for scheduled maintenance and updates. Up to 4 hours of downtime, including the following fixes: Korean Voiceover DLC has been updated with multiple audio fixes. For players who already have the DLC installed, it should automatically update when maintenance is complete.

Lost Ark’s economy is pretty brutal for players these days. Seeing Blue Crystals spend so much money without having the opportunity to grow Lost Ark Gold effectively scares all the regular folks who don’t want to invest real money in “enhancement”.

The game is also riddled with bots, with no evidence in the daily reports on the official forums. Based on their existence, Lost Ark has no way of grasping the numbers displayed on Steam’s game and player stats pages, and therefore cannot verify their integrity. And if players want to have more fun in the game, they can buy enough Lost Ark Gold at IGGM to get what they want.