Online casino enthusiasts get lost in terminology at times. One of the terms that evokes emotions is " wager ". This English word is translated in several ways. Let's start with the basic meaning.


A "Wager" is nothing but a "bet". When betting in the casino, we make a bet, which is wager. Probably no one should have any problems with this meaning - it seems as bright as the sun. All the money that we have wagered in the casino can be defined by this very term - it is or it has been bets. Some of them made us lucky, others not. Thanks to one bets, some extra money appeared on our account, we simply lost others. This is life. Now it's time for something more difficult.


The problems begin when we come across the term "wagering requirements" in the regulations of the e-casino. This phrase is most often translated as " turnover condition " or " turnover requirement ". Why is there any wagering requirement at all? Why do casinos from long list of Betsoft casinos introduce such a difficulty for players?

We will meet the turnover requirement mainly in the case of:

  • bonus
  • bonuses
  • free spins
  • birthday gifts from the casino
  • cashbacks

As we all know, bonuses are what tigers like best. However, online casinos try to make it difficult for players to win from wagering the bonus. This is because of a simple conflict of interest. The casino owner wants to attract as many players as possible and would prefer not to pay them any money. In turn, players would like to win as much as possible and any difficulties in paying out are against their hand. Jackpots should fall with every spin, and the money should be deposited into our account in no time, right?

From the player's perspective, the matter is simple: we get a bonus, we bet on it and want to withdraw the winnings immediately. After all, we deserve it like a bone. However, the casino's accounting team works with the marketing department to create long, boring and complicated bonus rules. Why are they doing this? To defend the casino's interests and generate more profit. From the casino's perspective, the perfect bonus is one that ... will be 100% spent in the casino and from which the player will not see a single zloty. It sounds very unpleasant, but unfortunately it is true. So the casino organizes the promotion in such a way as to give the player the impression that he has been gifted with mountains of gold, but then the operator does everything to get as much of this gift as possible for himself.


Many players do not read the regulations, and as a consequence they later shed tears on internet forums. This is one of the many mistakes players make when starting their gambling career. However, experience teaches that the regulations should be read. Especially the casino regulations. The rules for granting bonuses, regardless of whether we receive free spins or cash, there is always this terrible wagering requirement written in small print. It has the form of a number and a multiplication sign and looks like this:

  • x10
  • x20
  • x30
  • x45 and so on.

What do these numbers mean? Let us use an example! ☝ Let's assume that the casino organizes a promotion: for a deposit of PLN 1000, we get twice as much, i.e. it is a 100% promotion from PLN 1000. We make the deposit, enter the bonus code and suddenly 1000 PLN appears on our bonus account. As we look at Kasynohex.com and read various articles about casino tricks, we know that this thousand from the operator is subject to a wagering requirement. The regulations state that it is x35 (or, depending on the casino, 35x - the spelling does not matter). You can reach for a calculator, but in our example, the calculation will be very simple.

Wager x35 means that every bonus zloty has to be wagered 35 times before we can withdraw it. In the case of PLN 10 it will be PLN 350 spent in the casino, in the case of PLN 100 - PLN 3500, and our example PLN 1000 requires spending as much as PLN 35,000 in the casino. What are the consequences?

From the player's point of view, a higher wager (wagering requirement) means less chance of getting anything out of the bonus account. From the casino's point of view - the higher the wager, the lower the probability that the winnings will be withdrawn from the bonus balance. Therefore, we should look for a bonus with the lowest possible trading conditions. There are casinos that require us to turn each bonus zloty up to 70x. Well, there are players who are tempted to do a similar promotion. In fact, the chances of getting anything out of the bonus account with such a high stake are negligible. Wager 50x increases our chances, but it is also not very favorable. We talk about low weights when the casino offers us a gift and requires a maximum of 30x turnover. The fewer the better.


The turnover requirement may take a number of equal forms. Take, for example, the so-called "Sticky bonus" on the deposit. What does that mean? In a casino that gives us a PLN 1000 sticky bonus and requires a wager of these funds 30x, in fact our original deposit is treated as the bonus itself. So we have not 1000 PLN to trade, but twice as much. We have to spend in the casino not 30,000 but 60,000 PLN. That is why it is worth reading the regulations.

The wagering requirement is more difficult also due to the fact that not all games qualify for the same rotation. High RTP online slots have a lower percentage than low RTP slots. Live games often do not count at all to the bonus turnover, or count in a small percentage (e.g. poker can be counted as 10% of a regular slot - PLN 100 spent in such a place means that we only wagered PLN 10, not 100). Baccarat and blackjack are also not welcome and will not have the "power" of regular slots. So let's read the regulations.

Another stumbling block for players is the wagering requirement also imposed on ... winnings from bonus funds. In such casinos, we not only have to spin the bonus itself. Wager also applies to every zloty obtained from the win. This is by no means an extreme example - we didn't make it up ourselves. It was invented by casinos for Polish players. So, we repeat: read carefully all the terms and conditions of use of casino sites.


If math is not your good side (we probably don't believe it - do you know a player who can't count?), You can use online calculators. They calculate for us both the amount of cash that we have to pass through the casino before withdrawing the cash from the bonus and the amount to be wagered on games with a percentage other than 100%. How do you avoid getting cut in at an online casino? There is only one piece of advice for this. Did we say that you have to read the regulations? ?