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"The direct flight to Beijing at 7:30 p.m. has been booked." The female assistant nodded and said


"The direct flight to Beijing at 7:30 p.m. has been booked." The female assistant nodded and said, "According to the schedule, you need to attend an auction at eight o'clock tomorrow morning." "What auction?" Hao Yunyang asked with a little curiosity. A charity auction. Zhao Zhen sighed: "In fact, the auction is some small things, in the past to make a show to buy a few things, get a philanthropist's name." "Oh, the game of the rich." Hao Yunyang smiled: "Philanthropist, tut!" Zhao Zhen rubbed his temples and shook off his long pigtails, which were tied up at random with rubber bands. He said, "Yunyang, you are not famous yet. When your fame rises, the charity organizations that come to you can make you depressed to death. You can't push them all. You have to take part in one or two of the activities." Otherwise, the big hat of being rich and heartless can be directly buckled on your head and make you want to cry without tears! "Hey, don't worry, I've always kept a low profile." Hao Yunyang touched his nose subconsciously and laughed: "After hiding,stainless steel tube fitting, those charity media reporters can't find me." "Like a turtle?" Things are done, Zhao Zhen's mood also obviously relaxed a lot, jokingly: "People come to hide in the shell?" "Alas, it is a pity that there is no turtle shell in human heredity." Hao Yunyang sighed: "Otherwise, sometimes I really want to hide in and relax." Zhao Zhen raised his wrist and looked at the time on his watch. With a smile, he stretched out his hands and patted Hao Yunyang and Yang Jianfeng on the shoulder. He said,12 needle valve, "I will create a tripod channel after I go back. You two come in and open it when you work in the future. You can do whatever you want." "Hm?" Yang Jianfeng looked at Zhao Zhen. Next, the big burden of the network company will be on your shoulders alone. You can choose the office location, handle the capital verification report, business license, seal engraving, tax registration and so on. You can't expect Yunyang to help you. I can see him today. "How do you understand me?"? Hao Yunyang looked puzzled: "What's wrong with me?" "Just tell me what you were doing when we were carving private seals." "Buy cigarettes." "What about going to the bank?" "Isn't there a window of law popularization over there? There's a case on it that's very attractive." "What were you doing when we were at the lawyer's office?" There's a nice magazine in there. "Did you hear that?". Zhao Zhenchang sighed, patted Yang Jianfeng on the shoulder and said, "The future is very bumpy. You have to be fully prepared." Uh Yang Jianfeng gave a hum. Two people sing and make Hao Yunyang very depressed, not just buy a pack of cigarettes, watch TV and read magazines, as for what I said is like committing a big crime? However, ball valve manufacturer ,14 needle valve, jokes aside, gossip aside, at six o'clock in the afternoon, Zhao Zhen and his female assistant still got into a taxi and left Liushi together. They went in the direction of Wenzhou Airport and did not let Hao Yunyang drive him to the airport again. Standing at the door of the hotel and watching Zhao Zhen leave, Hao Yunyang suddenly turned to Yang Jianfeng and asked, "Brother Zero, why do you think Brother Zhao doesn't want to meet Sister Yin by the way?" "Maybe it's because there's still a gap in the last thing, and there's still a knot in my heart that hasn't been solved." Yang Jianfeng smiled and said, "Time will dilute everything. When the discomfort in our hearts is gone, we can sit together in a big way. But now the time has not come." That sounds like it. Hao Yunyang chuckled and took out a bag of soft shells from his pocket, shaking one out and handing it to Yang Jianfeng. At the same time, he put one in his mouth, lit it and took a puff, saying, "What about you?"? Are you going to meet Sister Yin tonight? "Still no.". "Without even thinking about it, Yang Jianfeng shook his head:" Anyway, I'm going to settle down in Liushi. It's the same to see each other in the morning and in the evening. There are still a lot of things to do in the next period of time. If they pour me down tonight, how can I do things tomorrow? Besides, I said "" Is it your sister-in-law who won't let you go? Little Hao Yunyang suddenly interrupted and asked. Uh Yang Jianfeng nodded naturally, and then his face changed: "How could it be possible!"! Your sister-in-law "Alas, without waiting for Yang Jianfeng to finish, Hao Yunyang sighed to himself and patted Yang Jianfeng on the shoulder:" There is no need to explain anything. In fact, everyone knew it early, but no one said it. "" Know what?. Yang Jianfeng's heartbeat actually began to add! "It's just tracheitis. It's a man's love for a woman. Don't take it too much to heart. There's no need to cover it up." Hao Yunyang said, "Go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow I will find a place for you to live. You can move in with your sister-in-law. You are busy with your work. I will solve these small things for you. Oh, of course, you will have to worry about the company's affairs.". Not much to say, I'm too busy to go first! Turn around and stride towards the Lexus parked outside the hotel. I said, I'm really not tracheitis! Yang Jianfeng shouted at Hao Yunyang's back: "Really!" Man, be brave to admit it! Hao Yunyang suddenly stopped, turned to Yang Jianfeng and grinned: "Don't let me despise you, your image in my heart is quite noble!" "I" Yang Jianfeng finally realized what it means to cry without tears. If you want to know how the funeral, please log 6 heart, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! Chapter 137 :! Group Army Very Class Group! Silk four fierce,pipe fittings manufacturer, five groups of advanced groups! Shuaiqun warmly welcomes those who have subscribed to the genuine version of the mobile phone to join: a little late and strong. At 11:00 p.m. on March 8, at the gate of a large bathing place in Liushi. "General Manager Cao, thank you for your hospitality!" Two potbellied men and a well-proportioned man walked out of the bathing place. All three of them had a satisfied smile on their faces. One of the potbellied men held out his hand to the well-proportioned man and smiled: "I am confident about the cooperation between our two families this time!"! Little. chinaroke.com