Chopard Yellow Gold Alpine Eagle

Chopard Yellow Gold Alpine Eagle Chopard Yellow Gold Alpine Eagle


Ihave spent a good deal of time, actually more like a borderline unhealthy amount of time, complaining about the prominent use of rose gold in today's watch market. Frankly speaking, I just don't like the stuff. But I'm a sensible, empathic human, when I need to be - I understand that rose gold colored, despite being an inferior precious metal in my eyes, must somehow be attractive to a wide pool of people. Those people certainly don't run in my social circles, but I'm guessing that every Swiss view executive out there can't be entirely wrong.

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The use of rose gold wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the fact that yellow gold seemed to suffer complete annihilation at the hands of these very executives. So I went out on an investigative mission, one led by fury and motivated through sheer confusion.

"Dear CEOs, why the actual rose gold agenda? " I asked at every possible turn. My friends all prefer yellow gold, every fashion editor I know prefers yellow gold, as well as historically, platnium has been worn by the most celebrated and also glamorous style icons; Paloma Picasso, Bianca Jagger, along with Elizabeth Taylor (notably in her role as Cleopatra) to name but a few.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article for Hodinkee Magazine
HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 10
lamenting the fact that so few brands were producing their novelties in my preferred precious metal. We prefaced the whole article with an incident between myself and a PR rep for Chopard back in 2019, right after the particular Alpine Eagle had just launched. She showed up to a photo shoot with two iterations of the enjoy; one in stainless steel and one within, yup, you guessed it, rose gold. I was visibly upset with this offering, I simply couldn't understand why there was no gold model. I actually reacted to her as if the whole thing were a personal attack; lucky for me, she took this in stride, and we are still friends.

Readers, I am pleased to say that after a long in addition to bumpy ride, we have come full circle. The watch gods have answered my prayers: The 41mm Chopard Alpine Eagle has been made in yellow gold and I can't quite believe it.
Despite the famous rose gold incident of 2019, I have always had a soft spot for the Alpine Eagle. It's a well-made, good-looking watch. Which brings me personally to my next point, Chopard is a brand that doesn't always get the credit that deserves, it often feels underrated amongst many of its horological peers. Bought by the Scheufele family in the early '60s, the brand as we know it today is more commonly associated with its prominence within the high jewelry space and its sponsorship of the Cannes Film Festival. However Chopard originated as a bonafide watch manufacturer, it was created by namesake founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard way back in typically the 19th century.

The maison, which is currently run by the German-born Scheufele family, introduced the St. Moritz, often the predecessor to the Alpine Skull cap, back in 1980. Then-22-year-old Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (now brand co-president) insisted that the family get on board with the dominating market trend associated with stainless steel sports watches. And while I admit that 80 is at the very end from the timeline for your conception regarding such a product, I am, much like you probably are, bored in the Gérald Genta design purists' argument. My spouse and i acknowledge, of course , that he is completely responsible for the exact conception on the trend and let me just be clear: I love and appreciate and often lust over the Royal Oak plus Nautilus. Yet can we please agree to move on and accept that other watches tend to be welcome inside the space? Particularly watches that were conceived in and around the original time period of peak-Genta greatness.

The St. Moritz was Chopard's attempt at a sexy, youthful, luxury lifestyle product; an identity that went hand-in-hand with the infamous Alpine ski resort town for which the line was named. I spoke with Mr. Scheufele about his decision to push the very maison into a completely new direction back in 1980 when the brand was focused primarily on jewelry and even gold dress watches. "I really sensed that we needed to open up to some more casual lifestyle. My argument was that people were indulging more and more in [lifestyle] sports: tennis, golf, skiing - which was my case, it's still my situation. I could not go snowboarding wearing the gold gown watch. " I went on to ask him if he felt the decision was in response to the changing trends with the watch landscape. "I had been convinced that we needed to keep up with the times, yes. It was a piece that was made for what was, at the time, a younger generation. inch