Verizon and Bang & Olufsen build soundbars with Android TV built-in.

Verizon (Engadget's former parent company) isn't just relying


Amazon Prime Day 2021: Get the Vizio Elevate soundbar for a great price


Verizon (formerly Engadget's parent company) isn't just relying on simple media players to drive its Stream TV platform. This one pairs Android TV with Bang Olufsen's audio know-how and some high-end features to match. That all includes

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Dolby Atmos surround sound and content-sensitive sound field selection — it's just a question of how much influence BO has you want.The $400 base Stream TV Soundbar has five speakers "tuned" by BO and two HDMI ports.

Step into the $1,000 Soundbar Pro and you'll get nine BO speakers, a third HDMI port, and both BO-designed profiles. The two share the same Stream TV interface with similar software features. It also offers streaming services (including Chromecast streaming and the Google Play Store)