Where To Find Woodlouse Bait In New World

Woodlouse Bait: Fishing Bait. Gives a medium boost to chance of catching better fish in fresh water.


In New World, Fishing is a particularly fruitful way of keeping your stocks replenished. Whether you want to earn new world coins fast, or you want to increase certain survival attributes, or you just want to hoard some uncommon and rare materials, it is the best option for you.

Also, You can use a variety of bait to catch fish. One of the most unique is Woodlouse Bait, and this will be useful when you want to catch freshwater fish. Going by its name alone, it isn't clear where you can find it. So we are going to show you where to get some!

Woodlouse Bait is found in bushes. Just like in real life, bushes in New World grow all over the map, and you can easily find them practically anywhere outside.

All that said, but again, it's not a guaranteed method. Usually, you will only receive Green Wood from it. You will get just one Woodlouse Bait for a dozen or even more bushes that you interact with. It's all down to luck when you shake down the bushes – so you'll need to hope for Woodlouse Bait. Simply put, it's a hard resource to grab, and New World wants you to work for it.

Alternatively, you can also get Woodlouse Bait by completing a Master Fisher Michael Shields quest in his area east of Windsward. If you speak to him, he'll give you a mission to complete. Your task is to shake down bushes to find five Woodlouse Bait – so during that quest, it's guaranteed to drop.

Lastly, if you don't feel like finding them yourself, Woodlouse Bait can also be purchased from Trading Posts. Due to its scarcity, you're sure to spend many new world gold. So for the best deal, be sure to sort by price from Lowest to Highest!

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