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Tianzi smoke full sequence price graph, tianzi sequence cigarette source introduction Tianzi smoking adopt probably the most delicate production engineering, from picking a raw materials towards the production associated with tobacco technologies, their expert manual attainments meaning of high-end customized standards. These days, CiYAN sichuan as well as Chongqing purely follow the road of predecessors, research as well as development from the "legendary Boy of Heaven", still write high-end customized new Newport Regular Cigarettes tale. Today I will introduce this sort of cigarette for you. Legendary Tianzi offers applied both major harm-reduction systems of amalgamated biochemical as well as nanomaterial. The typical reduction price of dangerous ingredients has Wholesale Cigarettes Store ended 30%, and also the highest decrease rate is as much Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons as 67. 5%, that has reached the actual harm regular of low-harm smoking set through the State Cigarettes Monopoly Management in 2015.