How do you tell your partner about sex dolls?

You know when you can tell your girlfriend that you have a realistic sex doll, it can ruin your relationship? It's not surprising, it's understandable that other people, including your girlfriend, look strangely at love dolls. In order for a person to believe in true love dolls


1. Create a relaxed conversation atmosphere

By adding a sense of humor, you can more easily accept things like chats or jokes. The important thing is to let yourself relax and not feel embarrassed.

For example, when you're a little drunk, talk to her about sex toys, things you've tried, and your relationship. Then you can naturally say, "I have something magical that you never thought possible." Then you can naturally say there are sex dolls.

2. Be an ordinary person

If you are a normal person, even if you have a cheap pocket pussy, you will have a personality. If you're too perverted and paranoid, if you have a love doll, you're a pervert.

When dating a doll, it's best to avoid getting too excited. Because you can't fall in love with people, it's easy to get romantic images like falling in love with a real doll. Therefore, if you live a calm, normal life and respect your partner, you are less likely to ruin your relationship.

3. Choose the perfect time

I think it's best for you and her to get to know each other, build some trust, and have been dating for at least two months before talking. The other party knows your character and personality very well, and will not think that having a real doll is a psychological problem. Even if I showed it to her, she was just a little shocked, just joking.

4. Say good reasons to own a love doll

"I bought a love doll because I wanted a sex partner." That's a good reason, but sometimes it's not. You may feel frustrated because you think your date isn't satisfying you. Tell them why you didn't hurt them as much as possible.

You can lie a little so you can say something like, "I was playing a punishment game with a friend and I lost so I had to use it", "I had to write down the company's impression of this blog on my computer", etc. etc. Use the reason why love dolls must be used due to third parties.

Buying a love doll is closer to the truth if you have a sexual need and choose to tell the truth. "I saw it in a documentary and bought it on impulse." or "I wanted a fun toy. My friend recommended a love doll to me, so I tried it." or "I was stressed. . For the differences, you need something better than usual to masturbate, so it's a good option."
That's not to say you should lie, but some people take time to understand, so the best way is to say why it's acceptable.

5. Don’t think too much about having mini sex doll
It's okay, but the more you think about it, the more unfamiliar it becomes. As you know, it's just a love doll, which is used by over 50% of American men. Show your partner this data and smile and explain why you should have it.

6. Find the right people and like-minded people
become lovers. If you just can't understand you, changing the people you're dealing with is an option. You can find people who share your hobbies on dating apps, blogs, and more. Get along with people who know you well.