Precautions for the use environment of purchase welding fume collector

purchase welding fume collector


What are the precautions for the environmental conditions when using purchase welding fume collector.

1. Pay attention to the ambient temperature in order to correctly determine the material of construction. Acidic or alkaline gas requires anti-corrosion treatment on the purchase welding fume collector air duct. In humid air environment, the purchase welding fume collector needs to be strengthened with anti-rust treatment or made of anti-rust materials. If there are high-temperature particles in the dust-laden air, add a fire-proof pre-filtering device before the purchase welding fume collector, such as a fire-proof filter box, a water spray cooling system, or a metal blocking filter.

2. For the purchase welding fume collector installed outdoors, the influence of climate and wind direction on it should be considered. It is better to install a canopy above the purchase welding fume collector; the air outlet should avoid facing the residential area, office area or human and animal activity area. If the outlet air needs to be discharged at a high altitude, a chimney should be installed.

3. For the purchase welding fume collector installed indoors, its weight, size and support should be considered. Where there is a potential for explosion, consider installing sprinklers. It is also necessary to consider the noise of the fan during operation, which should generally be lower than 75dB. If it is higher than this data, a muffler should be installed to reduce noise.

purchase welding fume collector