Super Inn system

The shock, formed in the hearts of Emperor Ganwei and Yang Shun, also stunned them, unable to believe


The shock, formed in the hearts of Emperor Ganwei and Yang Shun, also stunned them, unable to believe what they saw in their eyes. Emperor Ganwei, in particular, even had an inexplicable fear of Tianwei Pavilion. Such momentum, enough to sweep the whole big fellow country, if there are some problems in the inheritance of Tianwei Pavilion, the Lord of the Pavilion has a rebellious idea, subverting the big fellow country is almost a sure thing. GanWei emperor this life, is a life, a word to say, is bound to shake the earth, change the life honor and disgrace of countless families in the big fellow. In this life, he did not have anything that he could not grasp in his hands, and he calculated all his life just to eliminate anything that he could not grasp in his hands. But today, whether it's Lin Ji Inn or Tianwei Pavilion, it makes him feel so small. Li Xun, you can roast the big bird tonight! Qiao Tianhao was waving a black iron kitchen knife in the air, as if he was going to skin all the big birds and cramp them. The passion in my heart has been completely ignited. Uh Li Xun's eyes moved to the front yard. His temperament has improved a lot nowadays. Although he still cherishes words like gold and ignores most people, he already knows how to respond to his kitchen partners. Rest assured, Tianwei Pavilion's target is us,plastic packing tube, such a big momentum, Ma Chun should also give up the cover, to find ways to evacuate the princess and the residents of the inn. Lin Dong said lightly. Li Xun nodded slowly and his eyes once again condensed above the sky. Look at the complicated layout of the spirit array, it should be the nine-order spirit array. Once these spirit arrays are formed, we will surely fall into passivity. Yun Lan suddenly said, "The most urgent thing is that we either go back to Wang Liu's mole, or we have to let Wang Liu's mole join us.". Otherwise, we will not only face the disadvantage brought by the spirit array,eye cream packing tube, but also be cut off by the spirit array. "Wait a minute!" Lin Dong shook his head, since he had already made a big fuss, it was naturally a one-time solution. If you go to meet with Wang Liu Mole, or let Wang Liu Mole bring people out, Tianwei Pavilion will probably stop and retreat temporarily after discovering the real strength of Lin Ji Inn. Although the first batch of Tianwei Pavilion members are fighting to the death, but that loss is not enough to bring disaster to Tianwei Pavilion. Lin Dong believes that Tianwei Pavilion can exist for thousands of years, and its members are people without their own thoughts and temperament, and must have extremely detailed regulations. Tianwei Pavilion encountered a well-matched enemy, this situation must also be recorded in the regulations, Lin Dong believes that this regulation is likely to allow Tianwei Pavilion to retreat temporarily, and then gather all available forces to do encirclement. If this is the case, it will not only be more difficult, but also lead to the temporary interruption of the business of Lin Ji Inn. After all, Tianwei Pavilion still has the power of imperial power to use, the matter is big, plastic laminted tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, the people know that after, there is no doubt that it is impossible to eat some good wine and food and take the risk with the court as an enemy. At that time, even if Lin Ji Inn killed the palace and destroyed the court, it would not be able to change the situation in a short time. Tianwei Pavilion can only be defeated in one breath. If there is an invincible force in the regulations of Tianwei Pavilion, compromise will be made according to the situation, and reconciliation will be made with Tianwei Pavilion. If not, simply destroy Tianwei Pavilion, and then reconcile with Emperor Ganwei to quell what happened at Lin Ji Inn today. Only in this way can the business losses of Lin Ji Inn be minimized. Because of this, Lin Dong did not want to let Tianwei Pavilion see the real strength of Lin Ji Inn in midair. As for Yunlan's worries, he was not worried. This is the Lin Ji Inn, in the Lin Ji Inn, even if only he Lin Dong, with his peak strength, can also guarantee an invincible position. The defensive attribute of Lin Ji Inn is not a vegetarian. Even if Tianwei Pavilion attacks with all its strength, it is impossible to consume all the defensive value in the breath. As long as Lingshi is enough, Lin Dong can guarantee that no one can step into Lin Ji Inn. Even if Lin Ji Inn is covered by the nine-order spirit array, the nine-order spirit array cannot stop Lin Dong from using the inn system. Whether it is kicking or defense, it is enough to ensure the safety of Lin Ji Inn up and down. Moreover, even if falls into the inferiority which the nine-step spirit array brings, by the cloud haze ability, in addition Lin Dong may search the inn map, found oneself and so on the position, may reduce the massive cloud haze to break the array the time completely. Cloud Lan nods, Lin Dong's words are so firm, she believes, Lin Dong is sure to have what to rely on to be able to be so. The sky, suddenly again waves. Thousands of seven-step spirit birds spread their wings and circled rapidly, and in an instant, they formed a hollow column above the Lin Ji Inn. What do you mean The diameter of the column is very large, more than thirty meters. Qiao Tianhao raised his head curiously and looked at the hollow part of his head. At the top, it's empty. There's nothing. I guess there's something to kill! Old Ding and Feng Yue both licked their lips to hide the tension in their hearts. In my opinion, Tianwei Pavilion was afraid to see me below, and deliberately put on this position to play games with us, in order to cover up the purpose of their coming. Qiao Tianhao's head kept shaking, and after picking up a stone on the ground, he suddenly waved his arm. Whew. With the sound of breaking the air, the stones flew rapidly towards the air, and without anyone intercepting them, they flew thousands of meters in an instant, passing through the hollow column surrounded by thousands of spirit birds. Medium Qiao Tianhao raised his eyebrows on the tip of his face. Everyone is speechless, all at this time, thanks to Qiao Tianhao still has this kind of mood. Really speaking, even Lin Dong, who holds the inn system, is a little nervous at the moment. After all, the strength of Tianwei Pavilion has been accumulated for thousands of years. Arranging the spirit array through the giant net is simple to say, but difficult to do. First of all, we must ensure that the line formed by the spirit stone powder will not be affected by the start of the spirit array after it is interrupted. Otherwise,cosmetic plastic tube, only one line needs to be destroyed, which is enough to make the spirit array return without success. There is also the problem of how the material of the giant net ensures that the Lingshi powder adhered to it will not be blown away in the high-speed fall, which is impossible to study without huge financial and material resources.