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"That map," his voice is low, but the meaning is very firm: "Where is it? Give it to me quickly!" I didn't


"That map," his voice is low, but the meaning is very firm: "Where is it? Give it to me quickly!" I didn't deny it just now, which was tantamount to acquiescence, but I still asked, "How did you know I had the map?" Huang Jun said hurriedly, "It's very simple. On the desert island, I gave the map to Shi Ju. Later, you and Shi Ju got on the'God of Death '. You left. Shi Ju must have given you the map." "Your inference is right," I nodded. "But since you have given the map to Shi Ju, why do you want to get it back?" "Things are different now. I want the map to redeem a man from death." Huang Jun said. Mr. Huang, do you know that the map is related to the huge sum of US $300 million? I say Of course I know! He blushed and waved his hands. "But the wealth of the world, for me.". It's not as important as him alone. Mr. Wei, if you hand over the map, it will be good for you and me. You are not a greedy person. Besides, to tell the truth, the map -- "He stopped talking at this point. After a pause, he changed his words and said," Hand it over to me quickly! " I quickly thought about the intricate relationship between him, Shi Ju, Dawn Mei, the map,pump tube, and "Death." Soon, I shook my head and said, "No, since Shi Ju gave me the map, I must send it to the place she designated. I can't give it to you!" Huang Jun's face suddenly became so pale that even I could not help worrying about him. He swayed and almost fell on the grass. Without waiting for him to speak, I added, "I still have a lot to ask you. Why did the head of the North Taiji Gate order Shi Ju to clean up the house? Why is Dawn Mei in the lair of death? Why is that map related to such a huge fortune.." Without waiting for me to finish, Huang Jun suddenly shouted,plastic cosmetic tubes, "Don't ask!" Then he lowered his voice again and said, "I can't say all this in a few words. Mr. Wei, I beg you.." "Brother!" I reached out and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't be delusional. I will never promise you!" His face was even uglier than that of a prisoner who had just heard the judge sentence him to death. "You.." he said. Really won't save me again? I answered him in a more resolute tone: "I saved you because I thought you were a bloody and promising young man, but now I no longer save you!" "Don't forget, Mr. Wei," said Huang Jun hurriedly. "When you saved me, you let yourself go." I sneered and said, "Brother, you are too naive. No matter what, Death will never let me go. If I give you the map, your sister's life will be in danger. Death may come up with all kinds of ways to abuse Shi Ju before she gets the map, but she won't die!" Huang Jun hurriedly said, "Anyway, I can believe that Shi Ju's life will never be a problem." I immediately asked, "Why?" Huang Jun stamped his foot and said, "Don't ask why. You don't understand the grudges that have been entangled for more than ten years. Hand over the map quickly. If my Martial Uncle knows that the map has fallen into your hands, metal cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, she won't be so polite to you!" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "She's not very polite to me now."! I've given the map to a lawyer, and as soon as I'm dead, he can open it and look at it, and then he can contact the parties concerned. Brother, I believe you must have something to do with the treasure of the German Nazis or the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War. Is it Rommel's treasure or Fengwen's treasure under the Tiger Mountain in Malaya? "It's Rommel." He said only three words, and then he did not go on. However, these three words are enough, that is the treasure of Rommel, the fox of the desert! No wonder the number is so huge! In the early years, I did go to many places to collect information and study the treasures that have not yet been excavated from ancient times to the present. This is not "money obsessed", because in the world, there is indeed an unknown amount of wealth buried at the bottom of the sea, or underground, as long as a person gets a very small part of it, he can be the richest in the world! Among them, there are all kinds of activities such as exploration and historical research, which are my hobbies. Since the end of the Second World War, the two most fascinating treasures are those of a "fox" and a "tiger". Because of the treasure of that "tiger", I also had a strange experience, but because it is not within the scope of this article, I will not mention it. The treasure of the desert fox Rommel is the booty of his plunder of Africa, including gold bars, bricks, precious metals, jewelry, diamonds and so on, with a total value estimated at US $300 million! As for the history of this treasure, I would like to introduce it in more detail. In the autumn of 1942, Hitler's Afrika Corps, which had once run amok in North Africa, began to lose its superiority. At that time, the allied forces led by British Field Marshal Montgomery defeated the German army. The Afrika Corps, led by Rommel, retreated from Egypt and fled to Libya, while its headquarters moved to the port of Bizerte in Tunisia. Coincidentally, the American troops led by Eisenhower landed from Algeria again, and Hitler's elite African troops were already in a disadvantageous position of being attacked from both sides and facing annihilation. It was May 1943. At this time, Hitler issued a secret order to Rommel that he must overcome all difficulties and transport the gold treasures carried by the African Corps to a reliable place, otherwise, they would be destroyed and abandoned. According to the intelligence of the allied forces on the investigation of the ships coming and going from the port of Bizerte, it was discovered that a naval ship with an unknown mission, but equipped with extremely strong artillery fire, secretly left the port of Bizerte, broke through the naval blockade of the allied forces, and arrived at the port of Spacher in northern Italy. According to the information of the allied forces, on October 18, 1943, before dawn,plastic laminated tube, a small ship, after receiving some "cargo" from the ship coming from the port of Bizerte, left Spatchell and disappeared. emptycosmetictubes.com