Deify the world

Lord ordered, beat the drummer since dare not neglect, immediately vigorously beat the drums, loud and


Lord ordered, beat the drummer since dare not neglect, immediately vigorously beat the drums, loud and exciting drums shock morale, let the soldiers feel blood boiling. Looking at the generals are still confused, Yao Yang is too lazy to explain, just floating an inscrutable smile. When the army of the ghost side heard the drums of war in the city of Xiqi, they thought Xiqi's military forces were about to go to war, so they retreated and stopped shouting and cursing. But after waiting for half a ring, there was no sign that the gate of Xiqi was open, but the young general of Xiqi stood on the wall with a spear and looked down at them majestically. Yaoyang stared at General Xiong Tu with his eyes blazing. "Ignorant child," he shouted, "how dare you offend me?"? No one deceives me in Xiqi, right? Today, Japan will let you see the power and prestige of my Xiqi soldiers. Also tell you at the same time, want to offend me Xiqi, have to be prepared to pay the price! Xiong Tu Xiaoer, see you arrogant and domineering, now let you see the power of this will! "Drink!" Just as the general Xiong Tu was shocked, Yaoyang suddenly gave a loud shout and turned up the spear on his hand, the five elements of Xuaneng poured into his hand, and the spear waved a circle in his hand and swung a mysterious track, which shot out by force, and in the whistling sound,Nail machine manufacturer, the spear hit the general Xiong Tu at the gate from Chengtou with the potential of thunder. Soldiers on both sides are inevitably surprised by the action of yaoyang, because the chariot army led by Xiong Tu is outside the range of the archers in the city of west qi, let alone the archers' strong can't hurt it, I'm afraid the ordinary arrow shot even their side. Even Jin Zha, who knew very well that Yaoyang Xuangong was superior, could not believe this, because he also saw that Xiong Tu, the general of the other side,Coil nail machine, was a demon door murderer, not an ordinary general. Even if Yaoyang spear could break through the range of bows and arrows, the few remaining Xuaneng could hardly produce much lethality to it. But in the people can't believe, the spear in the twinkling of an eye has been quickly attacked to the enemy will bear in front of the general, in both sides of the soldiers in a panic, the bear general relying on magic work, did not put the spear of Yaoyang in his eyes, staring at the remaining little spear a sneer, rather disapprovingly raised his copper shield, with enough magic to gently block -- However, Yaoyang, who was able to escape from the "evil God" Youxuan and kill Xing Tian, the first young master of the Demon Gate Xing Tian, was not comparable to ordinary people. Moreover, with Yaoyang's cultivation now, a spear full of the five elements of metaphysics was thrown out. Even the current nine-tailed fox might not dare to take it by force. How could this Xiong Tu general be able to cope with it? Sure enough, mutation suddenly! "How is that possible?" In the incredible roar of General Xiong Tu, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, from the moment he touched the bronze shield, the spear was so powerful that it penetrated through the thick shield and penetrated into the body of the defenseless Xiong Tu. The blood burst into the sky, and the fierce follow-up force hit him with his chariot and crashed into the battle array behind him. Peng.. Xiong Tu's chariot hit another one, and the broken wooden frame was thrown up by the shock force. Except for a few soldiers who escaped in time, the other two chariots were destroyed and killed. The death was unspeakable. Even several Humvees of the trailer rolled on the ground or were dragged and slid for a while, and they could not get up for half a day. Xiong Tu had been killed as early as when he was shot. Finally, listen to "Boom!" With a sound, the fire energy contained in the spear burst out in an instant, and the dazzling fire energy engulfed the two chariots in heavy fireworks, and the rolling smoke and dust looked like smoke everywhere, which was particularly noticeable. The VIP. Fbook. Net of Yixia Tianxia has been updated to-Volume 15- "The Last Pass of Chapter 5", please like the readers of this article to buy Tianyi coins to read more updated chapters and support the development of this site! The fourth chapter is the three methods of breaking the city. How can the power of a spear be so strong? This is beyond human resistance. The army of the ghost side was shocked, and the color of fear was revealed on his face, while all the soldiers in the city of Xiqi were greatly inspired, shouting the name of "Fire Dance Yaoyang, Dragon Wing General", which shook the sky and morale rose to its peak. Standing proudly at Chengtou, Yaoyang raised his eyebrows and shouted, "This is what happened to those who humiliated me in Xiqi!"! If you don't believe me, try again! A spear kills a demon general and two chariots. Who dares to try such power? There was silence between heaven and earth, and both the enemy and ourselves were shocked by this powerful throw, leaving only the flags still fluttering in the wind, never silent. When the chief general died, the ghost soldiers suddenly lost their backbone, and the formation was messy, scattered like splashes, and retreated in panic. Only then did the soldiers and civilians in the city of Xiqi send out earth-shaking cheers, which rang for hundreds of miles and lasted for a long time. After Yaoyang this blow, the ghost camp in its power, finally dare not send troops to provoke, a large number of military forces have retreated several miles away, no more movement. The setting sun shone with blood, which left a pale halo of blood as far as the soldiers and civilians of Xiqi City could see. At the same time, it also added a lot of chill to the battlefield in the middle of winter. Yao Yang motionless proudly ChengTou, already have half a day, his sharp eyes mercilessly staring at the movement of the army of ghosts- "There was no movement for a few hours, and they were all accumulating morale, preparing plans, waiting for reinforcements, waiting for an opportunity to move, and so on, but these were all around the siege to prepare, what on earth was the idea of this soft persimmon?" Even though there were thousands of assumptions and possibilities in his mind, he could not figure out what opportunities the other party was waiting for. In this gap time, he remembered the ridiculous quarrel scene of Xiqi generals who could not bear to fight one after another today, as if the ghost camp was a pile of straw men. In the face of this group of battlefield, the barbarians in the camp, Yaoyang still have to speak softly to explain the situation in detail, but the presence of generals are battle-tested, life-long soldiers, know that expeditions against the many disadvantages of guarding the city, although not willing to hide in the city,wire nail making machine, but all know that Yaoyang said every sentence is true -- Only by defending the city of Xiqi and responding to all changes with no change, can we defeat the soldiers of ghosts, tigers and wolves at the gate!.