Please Dream Tonight Author: Yu Shan

Zhou Qinghe, secretary of the provincial party committee, personally went to Hucheng for investigation


Zhou Qinghe, secretary of the provincial party committee, personally went to Hucheng for investigation and study.He said at a meeting of cadres in Hucheng: "Our party is the people's party, and our country is the people's country.Cadres who always keep the interests of the people in their hearts are good cadres of the people.". We should make good use of such cadres and support their work. So that such people can serve the public better in a higher position. Zhou Qinghe's speech aroused great repercussions in Hucheng, and the cadres of Hucheng stood up and gave warm applause to this tough and pragmatic politician. As a result, the election result of the National People's Congress was beyond everyone's expectation. Quan Yinong was elected as the new mayor of Lake City by a unanimous vote. Quan Yinong said at his inauguration ceremony: "I am the mayor elected by the people. I will certainly live up to the expectations of the people. I will make good use of the rights entrusted to me by the people in my hands and strive for a better tomorrow for the masses of Lake City!" Quan Yinong's parents did not expect that Quan Yinong had this rather comic ending. In fact, both husband and wife have discussed that if Quan Yinong returns to Shanghai this time, they will let Quan Yinong do what he likes to do. Now Duanmuting has thoroughly figured it out. What Song family, Duanmu family, are false, the family is happy to live together is true. Both the Song family and the Duanmu family have seen the changes in Duanmuting, and now she seldom goes to the activities of the Song family and the Duanmu family. She lived a full life every day. She either accompanied her husband in Shanghai or went to Hucheng to accompany her son. The relationship between mother and son has returned to the past. No desire is just. This is what Quan Yinong said to his mother. Quan Yinong's work in Lake City was very pleasant, and he understood that Ye Bo had left him a very good foundation. The project of the university city is completely out of the question for the Song family. The Song family also knew that Duanmuting and Quan Yinong understood the intention of the Song family. They have better people for themselves. The Song family had planned not to let all of them formally become the mayor,die casting parts, but unexpectedly, Zhou Qinghe ran out and sang so much in Hucheng. But the most unexpected thing for the Song family and the Duanmu family was that Duanmu Ting accepted the result calmly and did not go home to show off as before. She said to her sister lightly, "Yilong's father and I had already thought that if Yilong returned to Shanghai, we would let him do what he liked to do.". Neither her father nor I expected this result. It seems that the Song family is not omnipotent. Duanmuting completely walked out of the siege in her heart. In fact, rights and marriage are the same. People outside desperately want to get in,Investment casting parts, and people inside desperately want to get out. The Song family is completely out of the project in the university city. He Liang, deputy secretary of G province, finally left the village safely. He chose to retire instead of going to the National People's Congress or the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The evergreen tree of G province finally came to the end of his official career. It was Zhen Fei who took his place. This is also the result that He Liang had expected. He has done organizational work all his life and has a thorough understanding of politics, so he has been able to stay in this position for ten years, and has always been the third person in G province. He quickly applied for a visa to the United States. Zhen Fei said to Lao Hei, "Why can He Liang not fall down, but also stick to the point.". That's because he is a very mature politician, and he knows the rules of the game of Chinese officialdom. You can see that many of the people he mentioned have fallen down, but he has nothing to do, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, not because he is very clean, but because he has a strong organizational principle, all his activities are within the framework of the system, he did not violate the rules of the game of Chinese officialdom. Zhou Qinghe wants to give him face. His protégés are all over the province of G. Ye Bo also sees this very clearly, so Ye Bo has grown into a qualified politician. "How should the Zhen family get along with the Song family now?" Balance, besides balance, is balance. On this point, I admire your grandfather very much. He and your grandfather began to decorate more than ten years ago. Now it is the Xi family. In the south of the Yangtze River, we should also look at your grandfather's face. The relationship between you and Ye Bo is something none of us expected. I don't think anyone, including the Ye family, would have thought that your relationship with Ye Bo would be so good. So now the Song family has to get closer to the Bao family. Now everyone knows very well that the relationship between the Zhen family and the Ye family is interdependent, not dependent. So this result makes the Song family more acceptable. Chapter 113 a quiet life. Leng Ning's belly was already very big, and soon she would give birth. Liu Zhong arranged her very well. Everyone thought that after she went to the United States with her husband, her husband was unwilling to return to China and stayed in the United States alone. She still has her husband's children. Everyone said that Leng Ning was very kind. She treated her ex-husband like this, and she still treated her husband like this. Cold and quiet father did not say anything, he seemed to know something, but the daughter grew up, also can not control, let her go. Leng Ning is now the first deputy director of the supervision office of the local tax Bureau of G province. Everyone knows that she will take over the director's class in the future. She moved to the house where Shangguan Su used to live in the city. Because Ye Bo left G province, he returned two houses in the city to Lao Hei. These two houses are very remote, so Lao Hei gave one of them to Leng Ning. Dada doesn't even know about this. Liu Zhong said gratefully to Lao Hei, "Brother, don't say anything." Old Black laughs: "Damn, call me bitch at ordinary times, have a thing I became a brother again.". It's a ***ing loss to be a brother with you. The two men laughed. If only tranquility could give birth to a daughter for me. I'm really annoyed with my son now. It's so noisy. He couldn't leave his mother for a minute, and Li Yi was tired. When Liu Zhong saw Laohei's hesitant appearance, he knew that Laohei had something to say, so he opened his mouth and said, "Bitch, you can say whatever you want. It's better than his mother giving me this." Laohei said,alloy die casting, "It's not easy for your wife. She has to take care of the life of the whole family every day.". You can't treat her too badly. That's what Dada means. Li Yi and Leng Ning are good women, so after several contacts with Leng Ning, Dada did not say anything more about this matter.