The door to murder

"The second position in the company.". He seems to be the first subordinate of the president when he set


"The second position in the company.". He seems to be the first subordinate of the president when he set up the company. A man like that must also be very powerful, and it is very likely that the extravagant Miharu will take a fancy to him. But she shouldn't hold you to his standards, should she? As soon as he finished speaking, he looked at me with an incredible expression. What happened to you? Why do you seem to look unhappy. Oh, no, I'm not saying you're worthless. I just want to say what's wrong with Miharu. Like he said, my face must have changed. I don't really remember what Yoshimasa said after that. When I suddenly came to my senses, I found that I had left the coffee shop and walked aimlessly on the road. The second chair, the first subordinate of the president when he founded the company.. I remember Cang Chi did say that when their president was setting up a two-person company, he was the only employee. My head is in a mess and I don't know where I am. I think of meeting Meiqing, dating, getting married,14 tube fitting, divorcing and so on. These things are so tangled up in my mind that it seems difficult to untangle them. How did this happen?! I stopped and blurted out. The mean, cold-blooded man gave me the woman he had abandoned, and used Yukiko to cleverly guide me to marry Miharu. I remembered Cang Chi's expression at the wedding banquet and wanted to shout loudly. The man must be laughing at me with an unfathomable expression on his face. He was there for me when I decided to get a divorce. After Miharu left me, he said,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, "Life has its ups and downs. Don't take it to heart." What on earth was the man thinking? How could he say that? Strong anger welled up in my heart. Now that he has been in a relationship, he should know very well what kind of woman Miharu is. However, the guy actually thought she was a woman for me. Does he think I can be happy if I marry her? It's impossible to be happy! The dirty man just wanted to break up with the woman he had abandoned, so he gave her to someone else. He just picked me out as a possible second-hand. Suddenly, I was sitting in a taxi. I want the driver to go to Kuramichi's residence. I haven't decided what I'm going to do after I see him. This is just an action taken in anger and out of reason. As soon as I arrived at Kuramichi's apartment in Minami-Aoyama, I rang his doorbell on the walkie-talkie at the entrance on the first floor. But no one answered the door. I tried several times, and the result was the same. Only then did I remember that Cang Chi was hiding. Maybe Yukiko is not at home either. Just as I smacked my tongue and left the intercom, I found someone standing directly behind me. It was a man in a black jacket who looked to be in his forties. His face was nearly gray and his eyes were cloudy. Are you a friend of Kuramori? The man asked me in a deep voice. He seems to have seen that I just pressed the intercom again. I subconsciously judged that I could not answer that it was his friend. The man's eyes were full of hostility and vigilance. No, I'm an employee of the furniture store. I took out my business card. "There's new furniture in the shop recently, 38 tube fitting ,tube fitting manufacturer, and I want to inform him.". Excuse me, are you also a resident of this apartment building? The man returned the business card to me without saying a word. The expression on his face was no longer interested in me. After I left the apartment, I found that there were several cars parked on the road. There are strange men in every car. I guess they must be waiting for Cang to come back. I stopped a taxi again, and then I thought that if I wanted to question Cang Chi, I could leave it for later. The most urgent thing was to see Mei Qing first. Maybe Yoshimasa and the others have contacted her to inform her that I went to Sekiguchi's house. If Miharu finds out that I'm aware of their plans, she's probably hiding. I can't give her time to do that. Miharu rents an apartment in Kita-Shinagawa. This is my first time to go. As I stood in front of the apartment, the hatred came back. It's a grand building, much newer than where I live, and the rooms must be quite spacious. The door here also uses an automatic locking system, which is the same as the place where the warehouse is held, and has a walkie-talkie to call the residents from the first floor. I approached the intercom, but thought about it before pressing the room number. If Meiqing knew it was me, she might not open the door. After I sorted out my thoughts in my mind, I pressed the doorbell of Meiqing's house. Who is it? Mei Qing's indifferent voice came from the walkie-talkie. Miss Sekiguchi, express. I pounded my mouth with a handkerchief to make my voice sound vague. Uh With a languid reply, the door clicked open. I walked to the door of Meiqing's house, put my body on the peephole, and pressed the doorbell. I felt that someone was walking in the room, and she must be holding the seal, expecting to know who had sent something. When she unlocked and opened the door, I immediately grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open. Miharu, wearing a gray sweatshirt, looked up at me in surprise. A contorted expression of disgust came over her face. What are you doing? Instead of answering, I put one foot into the crack of the door. She looked and tried to close the door. What are you doing? Don't do that! "I have something to tell you." I don't want to hear it, don't joke! Why am I talking to you now? She glared at me. You lied to me by pretending to be a courier! "Let me go in first!" Didn't I say I didn't want to hear it from you? If you don't pull your feet back, I'll scream! The word "hate" was clearly written on her face. I flashed the photo in front of her. She frowned, but her expression softened. You know what this is, right? "Why do you have that picture in your hand?" Mei Qing asked me with wide eyes. If you want to know,hydraulic fitting supplier, let me in! But before I do, I need you to explain these photos. What the hell is going on?! Mei Qing did not open her eyes, and the sides of her chin twitched slightly. I'm asking you what the hell is going on?! Why would you take a picture with this woman? She let out a breath and released her hand to close the door. I let my body slip through the door. I can't explain it clearly in a few words. She said rudely.