Violent doctor (complete)

“……” Ye Lin did not expect that Jian Ao Dongfang would suddenly ask this, not from a slightly stupefied


“……” Ye Lin did not expect that Jian Ao Dongfang would suddenly ask this, not from a slightly stupefied, perfunctory said, "Well, not bad, quite good-looking." "Blue Rain, do you know why I sent you flowers?" Ling Feng turned to look at Ye Lin and asked. Also do not know because Lei Di and smoke man yesterday's teaching played a role, or just drink wine played a role, in short, at this time, he became bolder. I dare to say what I didn't dare to say before. Ye Lin shook her head and said, "I don't know." If you know, you have to say you don't know. It's not good to play dumb, but this thing. Blue Rain, in fact, I was a long time ago. I already like you. Ling Feng took a deep breath and finally said what he had never said in his heart. Ye Lin's face could not help but change slightly, she did not think that Ling Feng would say such a thing at this time. Ling Feng likes her, which she knows. However, Ling Feng did not say it in front of her, then there is a layer of window paper. Now, Ling Feng said it in front of her, and the window paper was broken. Blue Rain,plastic bulk containers, you don't have any burden, really. Ling Feng sighed and said, "Actually, I didn't want to tell you.". However, I saw that Jian Ao Dongfang began to pursue you, and I couldn't help it. Everyone has the strength to pursue happiness. Jian Ao Dongfang can do it, so can I Ling Feng. Even if I fail in the end, at least I have tried hard and will not have any regrets. Ye Lin frowned. How can Ling Feng's words be similar to those of Jian Ao Dongfang the day before yesterday? "Blue Rain,secondary containment pallet, I know that I have no advantage over Jianao Dongfang." Ling Feng took a big sip of wine, exhaled hard, and said, "You and Jian Ao Dongfang have known each other a long time ago, and you are friends in reality.". I, on the other hand, just met you in the game. The time of knowing each other is not very long. Ye Lin nodded and said nothing. What Ling Feng said is true. Compared with Cannes Oriental, he really has no advantage. If you really want to choose a person from Ling Feng and Jian Ao Dongfang to be her boyfriend. Then she will probably choose Jian Ao Dongfang instead of Ling Feng. Why? The reason is simple. She at least knows something about Jian Ao Dong Fang. And Ling Feng? I know too little about it. For Ling Feng, what I know is just Ling Feng in the game. In reality, Ling Feng, what kind of person, she simply does not know. Games, after all, are just games. But together with individuals, it is in reality. Online love? She won't think about it. Blue Rain, do you remember the first time we met? Ling Feng took a deep breath and a faint smile appeared on his face. Remember Ye Lin said. The first time I met Ling Feng, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill pallet, both of them were still trumpets at that time. It was in the Blood Devil Cave. When she went to do a task. After entering the Blood Demon Cave, he found that the first BOSS of the Blood Demon Cave had been killed. Continue to walk forward, met Ling Feng. At that time, Ling Feng was fighting with the blood phantom beast. No, to be exact, Ling Feng is being attacked by the blood phantom beast. The fantasy created by the blood phantom beast completely confused Ling Feng. It was she who saved Ling Feng. It's no exaggeration to say. If she had not appeared at that time, Ling Feng would have died in the blood demon cave. But then again, Ling Feng at that time, the strength is really good, at least, compared with her is not inferior to how much. Had it not been for her pet, Xiaobai, who saw through the illusion of the blood phantom beast, I'm afraid she wouldn't have been able to save Ling Feng. Blue Rain, that was really thanks to you. If you hadn't suddenly appeared, I'm afraid I would have died in the Blood Devil Cave. Ling Feng looked at Ye Lin and said. Ye Lin waved her hand and said, "Why are you so polite?"? Have you forgotten the second time we met? If you hadn't stepped forward to help us that time, I'm afraid our situation would have been in danger. After listening to Ye Lin's words, Ling Feng could not help thinking of the situation when he met Ye Lin for the second time. After the blood demon hole, Ling Feng thought. I may never meet the female player who saved him again. However, he did not expect that soon after, he met the female player again. On that occasion, he went to the mining area to be avenged by one of his brothers. But unexpectedly, I met Ye Lin in the mining area. At that time, Ye Lin was leading Tang Qin, Iced Coffee and others, who were not very strong, to fight with Batian and his men. Look at that form, I'm not very good. He just arrived at the mining area and helped Ye Lin without hesitation. Although without him, Ye Lin and Ice Coffee, Tang Qin and others may also defeat Batian and his men. But it is undeniable that he did help Ye Lin a lot at that time. What you said is a little serious. In fact, even if I didn't go to the mining area with Xiao Lei and Ah Nan at that time, you and Coffee and Rainbow could defeat Batian. Ling Feng waved his hand and said. Ye Lin shook her head and said, "It's difficult. At this time, everyone's strength is almost the same.". Our side, in fact, is not as strong as the Batian side. If you hadn't come, I guess we would have died. Ling Feng did not say anything, but also felt that Ye Lin was right. Inside this time, between the players, the strength has not been completely pulled apart. The level is almost the same, and the clothes are all rubbish. Fighting really depends on who has more people. At the beginning, how many men did Ye Lin have? And Batian? But there are a lot of younger brothers. If he hadn't felt that Ye Lin and iced coffee and others, it would be hard to say what the result would be. How time flies! Ling Feng put away the empty bottle that had been drunk up, took a new bottle of wine, took a sip, and said, "At the beginning, we were all trumpets.". But in the blink of an eye,collapsible bulk containers, it is already more than 70 levels. But to tell you the truth, I really miss the days when I was a trumpet. I'm not afraid of your jokes. When I hit a piece of purple equipment, I can be happy for half a day! 。