A collection of Yuefu poems

The daughter of the Zhuo family in Shu County, who plays the piano, is the wife of the Dou family in Qinchuan


The daughter of the Zhuo family in Shu County, who plays the piano, is the wife of the Dou family in Qinchuan, who weaves brocade. Do not be startled and shed long tears, and cry at the end of the night. The sweet-scented osmanthus tree hangs far, and the wind pole is willing to be low. Pity the moonlit night alone, flying alone and not yet perched. Samurai who see pity, the imperial censor. Although the words enter the string pipe, the end is the song in the song. [Ibid.] Tang? Yang Juyuan Pity Yang Ye Fu Yang Hua Snow, pure smoke, deep Jasper home. The branches of Wuqi are weak, and Chengtou's voice is dumb in the middle of the night. The duckweed shakes the water in front of the door, and let the lotus not fall into the sand. [Ibid.] Li Bai and Huang Yuncheng want to perch on the edge of the city, fly back and cry on the dumb branches. The brocade in the machine is Qinchuan girl, and the green gauze is like smoke across the window. Stopping the shuttle and recalling the distant people, sleeping alone in the lonely room, tears like rain. [Same as the first two poems] Gu Kuang's jade room locks and turns over the leaves, and the silver arrow adds the spring around the frost. Bi Fa stabbed the city of the moon. Eight or nine young birds fly and startle their mother. This is the sound of the old crow in the sky, but the old crow in the world has no such sound. Shake Za Pei, Geng Hua Zhu, good night feather people play this song, the east is red and the sun is rising. The moon rises in the west of the river forest, and the crows sing in the city of silence in the river forest. Where did people in the past sing this song? Where do people today not listen to it enough. The city is cold, the moon is bright and the thought is deep, the grass on the river is green for whom. [Ibid.] Li Qunyu once looked at the green maple forest in his dream. There are birds in the meantime, and the dawn mourns for itself. At that time, the moon was dark and the rain was deep. Such as the sound of life from the cry, the sound of pain. Quietly, the night is long, and the empty mountains ring with mournful sounds. Distant guests should not listen, sit and worry about the invasion of Chinese hair. Since it is not the soul of the emperor of Shu, I am afraid it is the bird of Huan Mountain. The four sons are scattered, and the mother's voice is still there. [Ibid.] All the birds in Nie Yi return to their branches, and Wu Wu Er does not perch. Should also know the concubine hate, so cry to the green window. [Ibid.] When Bai Juyi returned to the city late, he was in danger in front of the courtyard. The moon is bright and leafless, the frost is slippery and the branches are windy. Cry astringent and hungry throat, fly low and frozen wings droop. Parrots and birds in the painting hall do not know each other. [Ibid.] Wang Jianting and Shu Wu, why don't you live somewhere else. Cry in the middle of the night every night, the family put the candle out of the cave house, startled to perch and lose the group and fly down the tree. As soon as I fly, I want to fly to the sky, and I will never leave my old habitat. Not clear around the master house, want to touch the black in the air. The wind drifts, the rain is wet also does not move, your family tree head many good branches. [Ibid.] Zhang Hu suddenly flew back to the south, and the string of danger was full of sorrow. The dark frost moves the tree to sleep, and the remnant night cries around the branches. The voice of the pharynx is broken, and the thought of lewdness is lost. Might as well report the good news, make the jade face low by mistake. www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Volume 48 Qing Shang Qu Ci 5 Novel-txt Paradise In the western song [Four Wuqi Songs] Beam? Jian Wen Di Fu Rong Zuo Chuan Si Zuo Cha The Big Dipper crosses the sky and the moon is about to set. Cailian crossing head hinders the Yellow River, and Lang Jin wants to cross the storm. The floating cloud is like a tent, and the moon is like a hook, which can be the head of the south road every night. Yicheng cast a berth today, stop saddle horse temporary shelter. Qingniu Dan hub seven fragrant cars, poor tonight's home advocate. Advocate the high tree black to perch, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact beams, Luo Wei Cui was let you low. Woven into a screen, the gold bends its knees, and the vermilion jade comes out before the lamp. Look at each other, look at your pity, who can be shy from the front. [Same as the first six poems] Beam? Sake Horse Brain Bell in the Strategy of Emperor yuan The skirt is mixed with amber dragons. Empty hold to send your heart at all costs, a total of three stars today what night. Thick Dai light red dot color, but also want to make people do not know. There is much water in the golden pot at night, so don't use it more extravagantly than hanging in the river. Shatang made a boat and Gui made a boat, crossing the south of the Yangtze River at night to pick lotus leaves. Fu value Xi Shi new raccoon yarn, a total of Jianggan overlooking the moon. The moonlight is like a jade star, and the flowing shadow is clear in the jade hall. The nine branches of Handan began to be formed, and the gold and jade bowls were poured by you. The dragon becomes a brocade and a phoenix pattern, and the hibiscus is a pomegranate skirt. Under the sun, the south of the city faces each other, and the moon does not cover the tent. The seven colors follow the pearl nine Chinese jade, the butterfly is the song star song. The orchid room and the pepper open together at night, and it is known that the fragrant wind chases you step by step. [Ibid.] Xiao Zixian's fragrant trees fly back and gather together, and there is still a lingering light in the middle of the mountain. Don't be afraid to wear clothes and don't ask for them. Han Gao's traveling girls are used to romance. [Same as the first two poems] Chen? Xu Lingzhuo's Female Pink Period This Night Who will judge the price of Hu Jigu wine. Romantic Xun Ling good son Lang, partial can Fu powder Fu incense. Embroidered curtains, hidden lamps and candles, one night, a thousand years is not enough. Only hate the rogue Runan (and bird), the Milky Way has not yet fallen, still fighting for the song. [Ibid.] Cen Zhijing's horse went straight without floating clouds, and the river crossed the ice and the two sides were divided. Birds hide in the darkness of the sun, people walk and rest, and only shadows live in the air and recall each other. The bright moon shines on the new flowers on the 28th, and the guests stay on the evening of the 15th. [Ibid.] Tang? Li Bai and Wu Qishi on the stage of Suzhou Drunken Xishi in the palace of King Wu. The song of Wu and the dance of Chu are not over yet, and the green hills still hold half the sun. The silver arrow and the gold pot leak a lot of water. Looking at the autumn moon falling on the river waves, the east is getting higher and higher. [Ibid.] Li Duan's white horse chases the oxcart, and dusk enters the narrow slanting. The narrow and slanting willow trees fight for the night, and the fighting branches fail to fly up to the house. The son-in-law of the young woman in the east room joined the army, and every time he heard the crow, he knew the night. [Ibid.] Wang Jianzhang's palace people went upstairs at night, and the king looked at the moon on the west hilltop. Late at night, the doors of the palace are not locked, and the leaves of the mountains are covered with white dew. [Ibid.] Zhang Ji made the pond full of palace tides in the Western Hills, and the palace birds sang on the dogwood branches at dawn. Wu Ji sang the song of picking lotus, and the king slept in the boat last night. [Three Wuqi Songs] Chen? Hou Mo Tou Xin Hua Li Luan Sheng Spring birds in the leaves send spring love. Chang'an knight-errant has countless companions, and the white horse Like road is full. The golden saddle is to be connected, and the jade face is to come to the front of the tent. Contain the state eye language to hang the phase solution, the green belt Luo skirt enters for the solution. Albizzia julibrissin is fumigated with Baihe incense, and two Mandarin ducks are woven in the bed. Wu Tihan did not have a day to respond to the dawn, only holding the bosom to send Lang. [Ibid.] Jiang Zong's peach blossoms, spring water, magnolias, and golden green cover gather on the river bridge. Longxi on the plan should go, south of the city beauty cry with the dawn. [Same as the first two poems] Tang? Liu Fangping's eyebrows and graceful face show the beauty of the city Ming Huan Dong Pei is a new acquaintance. Silver Han slanting to the white jade hall, hibiscus barrier to cover the light. Painting Ge double brocade for the cable, hibiscus flower hair lotus leaves dark. The moonlight in front of the gate reflects Hengtang, and I feel that the herbalist crosses Xiaoxiang at night. [Mochoule] The Book of Tang? Le Zhi It is said, "The music of Mochow comes from the music of Shicheng.". There is a woman named Mochow in Shicheng, who is good at singing ballads. In the music of Shicheng, there is the sound of forgetting sorrow, because there is this song. It is said in the Record of Ancient and Modern Music: "It is also said in the Mochow Music that there were sixteen dancers and eight Liang musicians in the old dance." "Yuefu Jieti" said: "The ancient song also has Mochow, Luoyang female, and this is different. Where is Mochow? West of Mochow Stone City. The boat struck two oars and urged Mochow to come. Wen Huan went to Yangzhou to see Chu off. Reach out to embrace the waist to see, the river does not flow. Right second bend. [Mochoule] Zhang Hu Nong lived at the foot of Shicheng, and Lang went to Shicheng for a tour. From Lang Shicheng,Cold Drawn Tubes, long in Shichengtou. [Mochou Song] Li He-cao was born at the foot of Longpo, and the crow made a noise at Chengtou. Who planted pomegranates in the corner of this city. The green silk ties five horses, and the gold ties two oxen. cbiesautomotive.com