Jian Xiu's Way to Hit the Face [Quick Pass]

Liu Suyun has never had such an idea, as early as when he became a demon in the Demon Domain, he had already thought about the life after being driven down from this position, and did not feel frightened and afraid.


Completely put down the worry that he would be killed by Xuanyuan, Liu Suyun just felt that the hot spring was enough, and with a crisp sound of water, he stood up directly from the hot spring pool, revealing his white chest, strong abdominal muscles, broad shoulders and narrow buttocks, tall stature, slender waist and long legs, dense muscles but not too bulging. He is really a handsome man who is full of vigor and dignity. Walking out along the white jade ladder in the hot spring pool, Liu Suyun used a magic to make his whole body fresh and dry again, then put on a black robe with complicated and gorgeous lines. As soon as the whole person's temperament changed, he suddenly became "evil, crazy, cool and handsome". This robe with special logos and lines embroidered on the collar, cuffs and hem is the symbol of Demon Zun. Liu Suyun has worn it for hundreds of years, but he is still not used to it. And every time he wears it, he has to say that he is really silly. I don't know what the people in the Demon Domain think. Will he work hard for the Demon Domain if he wears this dress? That's impossible. He's not that free, and he doesn't have that much time! Moreover, for the Demon Domain, how much affection can you expect him to have for the Demon Domain, a monk who was also forced to fall from the monk of the right path to the monk of the demon? He did not order a great destruction of the Demon Domain after he became the Demon Domain,horse weight tape, which was already his rare benevolence. Xuanyuan came to the main hall of the small courtyard where Liu Suyun lived when he was alone in seclusion. After he sat down directly on the main seat, he came straight to the point and asked, "You are interested in Ning Xiuchen's strange aura and want to study it, aren't you?" Liu Suyun nodded slightly: "Yes.". At first, when I noticed that there was an inexplicable turbulence in the magic gas in my Dantian, I didn't know why. Until you enter the stage of spiritual silence- "I took a deep look at Xuanyuan, and quickly passed through the eyes of Liu Suyun." Since your cultivation has improved, the magic aura has become more and more obvious,Fiberglass tape measure, and I finally found the reason. " Although Liu Suyun himself was not tempted by the obsequious demon body at all, the demon gas in his body surged, which not only made it difficult for him to control his strength perfectly, but also made it difficult for him to wash the demon gas. Therefore, Liu Suyun thought that the existence of Ning Xiuchen would affect his practice, and decided to drive Ning Xiuchen out like his former disciples who had seen enough jokes and plays and had become boring. Driving out Ning Xiuchen was really not a big deal for Liu Suyun, and he didn't even think there was anything wrong with it, but he was very annoyed that Ning Xiuchen's existence affected his practice, and at the same time he was curious about the special situation of Ning Xiucheng, so Liu Suyun, who did not light up the skill point of scientific research, chose a simple and crude method. He stabbed Ning Xiuchen a dagger, in fact, mainly to see if hurt, Ning Xiuchen will have any change, fish measuring tape ,Fish measuring board, his magic so that people can not help but sink the gas field will have any change? However, after Liu Suyun stabbed the knife, the injured Ning Xiuchen did have a kind of beauty of "I see pity", but. Liu Suyun doesn't care about this kind of beauty at all. No matter how delicate and perfect the facial features are, there is no difference in Liu Suyun's view. He looks at those beautiful and elegant beauties, just like seeing a painting. He will only evaluate whether the content of the painting is good or not. At most, he will appreciate it, but he will never be moved, moved and sunk. Spreading out his hands, Liu Suyun said bluntly, "After stabbing Ning Xiuchen with a dagger, I found that the strange-looking feeling on his body was at most to make people feel that he looked good. I thought it was boring, so I didn't continue to investigate anything. I simply expelled him from the Demon Temple." Xuanyuan in the heart after grinding again Liu Suyun's confession, put these truths in the heart to sort out, and then all recorded in a side of the jade slips, such as Ning Xiuchen woke up to know the truth that Demon Zun Liu Suyun had expelled him to leave, I think he should be very happy to find a truth. Ning Xiuchen: Hehe. After Liu Suyun's words, the truth came to light at the moment. The cause and effect of Liu Suyun were all told. There was neither concealment nor deception. After he finished, he was a bachelor and said: "You are better than me, so if you want to retaliate, please go ahead.". ” Liu Suyun smiled. His handsome face was free and easy and open-minded, with a kind of enlightenment: "You can carry out any revenge you want. Anyway, I can't resist it, and I won't feel resentful in my heart. It's just that things happen for a reason, and now it's just the result.". After all, I was not good to Ning Xiuchen at the beginning, and now he retaliates back, which is perfectly justified and natural. He has been in the Demon Land for so many years, indulging in words and deeds, knowing very well that once he is surpassed and someone stronger than him appears, he will naturally pay the price for these hundreds of years, or be retaliated back, or be hit when he is down. But this is a matter of course, allowing him to act recklessly when he is in a high position, is it not allowed for others to climb up and retaliate? Liu Suyun has never had such an idea, as early as when he became a demon in the Demon Domain, he had already thought about the life after being driven down from this position, and did not feel frightened and afraid. It is a pity that the demons in the Demon Domain are all too bad. Liu Suyun has been sitting in the position of Demon Zun for hundreds of years, and he is almost tired of sitting, but there is no one who is better than him and can lift him down from this position. As for Xuan yuan. As soon as Liu Suyun took a look, he knew that Jian Xiu, whose strength of character suppressed the charm of his face, would not want to be a demon. Well, you ask why Liu Suyun recognized that Xuanyuan and Liu Suyun were not the same person, and he was Jian Xiu. That's naturally because he was also a Jian Xiu. Even though Liu Suyun has not repaired his sword any more now, his sword heart has not changed, and he is still a young swordsman when he is young and wild, and the sword is cold in Shizhou. Xuanyuan had already noticed Liu Suyun's subtle words,cattle weight tape, but he didn't have any opinion about it. He just said, "Let's not mention what kind of return you will get for the psychological shadow you have caused to Ning Xiuchen. Tell me first, what are you going to do to wash the evil spirit?" 。 tapemeasure.net