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Chapter 34 Doubtful and Unreal. txt? Novel /\ Tian, Tang "There's no need to carry him," said Monk Wuguo.


With these words, the long arm reached out, grabbed Haiyun's back collar, and lifted him straight up. The short monk held up Haiyun's chin and shone it with a lantern. He greedily licked his lips and said, "This boy has fine skin and white flesh. It must taste good to add some spiced seasonings to braise in brown sauce." When Haiyun heard this, he broke out in a cold sweat and said with a wry smile, "Are the two seniors the two swordsmen of Lingnan who are famous in Jianghu?" "Do you know us?" Asked the tall monk. "No!" Haiyun gasped! Xiao Ke has only heard of fame for a long time, but he has no chance to recognize Jing. He can't imagine that the two swordsmen have converted to Buddhism. The short monk chuckled and said, "The boy is really good at complimenting people. If you are honest, you can call us the two villains of Lingnan. What kind of swordsmen and swordsmen? It makes people feel uncomfortable." "I dare not," said Haiyun. The short monk's face suddenly sank and he shouted, "What do you dare?"? Tell you, we are here to be a monk, not to fear disaster and hatred, afraid of people to know, that year's "Hainan people slaughter" Tao Tao and "man-eating demon" Fan Putian, killing people full of wild, afraid of who to come? You're lucky you didn't meet us a few years earlier. "All right," said the tall monk! Younger martial brother, the hero does not mention the courage of the past. Now we are monks. Why do you say that? Then he turned to Hai Yun and said, "There's no need to mention the secular family name any more. Now we've changed to the Buddhist name of a monk. My name is Wu Fei,China spa factory, and his name is Wu Guo." Haiyun hurriedly folded his fists and said, "Little Haiyun, I've seen the two masters." Monk Wufei said, "You are so young. Why did you throw yourself into the lake to die?" "Xiao Ke is not looking for death," said Hai Yun. "He is swimming after a man in a purple cloak." "The man in the purple quilt?" Asked the vulgar monk in surprise. "Yes," said Haiyun. The man wore a wide-brimmed hat and rode in a small boat. He did not need a frame, but only relied on internal force to urge the boat to gallop. His martial arts were unfathomable. Both Wu Fei and Wu Guo looked shocked. They looked at each other and asked almost in unison, "Does that man have a grudge against you?" "I've never met you before,whirlpool hot tub," said Haiyun. "How can I hate you?"? But for some unknown reason, he took away one of Xiao Ke's seriously wounded allies. "What's the name of your uncle Meng?" Monk Wufei asked in a loud voice? What kind of injury? "His surname is Long," said Haiyun. "He is also one of the four heroes of Shenzhou, the Phantom Whip Dragon and the yuanqing Dragon." Then, the powder demon Bai Yuxiang and the cold friend gambling chess fell out, as well as the long yuanqing was burned by the poisonous fire, briefly described again. When the two monks heard Long yuanqing's name, their expressions moved. Then Wu Fei looked at them and asked, "Since Long yuanqing is your uncle, isn't your father Shen Dao Hai Yifan?" "Exactly," said Haiyun. Do the two masters also know my father? Monk Wufei shook his hand and said, "I don't know!"! I don't know! As he spoke, he stuck the lantern beside Haiyun and hurriedly pulled his younger brother, Monk Wuguo. Far away in the darkness, they began to discuss in a low voice. Although Haiyun felt very strange, garden jacuzzi tub ,endless swim pool, his physical strength had not yet recovered, and he was too lazy to pay attention to it. He sat down on the ground, holding his breath and breathing silently, and saw what they were doing? The two monks deliberated for a while. Monk Wu Guo threw down the bucket and flew away, but Monk Wu Fei came over. The look of hesitation on his face had disappeared, and he put on a smile and said, "This place is deserted, remote, and desolate. We didn't see the tall man in the purple cloak you said. I think you're going in the wrong direction." Haiyun nodded and said, "That's what Xiao Ke guessed." Monk Wufei added, "You've come a long way to swim. It takes too much effort. You may be hungry already. I've asked Younger Martial Brother to fetch some food for you." "Thank you, Master," said Haiyun. "You're welcome," said Monk Wufei with a smile. "We're not strangers.." I suddenly found that this sentence is not very appropriate. He quickly explained, "Although we have never seen your father, we have long heard of the fame of the Great Sword of the Sea and the Four Heroes of China." "The master is overpraised," said Haiyun. ” He was humbly grateful, but he was greatly surprised. As far as he knew, the "Two Evil Men of Lingnan" were famous evil demons in Jianghu. Even though they had changed their ways and had nothing to do with each other, there was no need for them to be so polite to themselves. What were they discussing just now? Monk Wu Guo, what is the reason for his sudden departure? Just as he was wondering, Monk Wufei asked again with a smile, "I heard that your father, Poseidon Sword, went overseas ten years ago and retired. When did he return to the Central Plains?" Haiyun was suspicious, so he refused to tell the truth again. He smiled and said, "My father has no intention of re-entering Jianghu. Seeing that Xiao Ke is becoming an adult, he especially told Xiao Ke to come back and experience." Monk Wufei said, So.. Poseidon Dao didn't come with you, but you came back alone to experience it? "Exactly," said Haiyun. Monk Wufei seemed a little disappointed. "What a pity!" He sighed. "What's the pity, Master?" Haiyun asked in surprise. Monk Wufei shook his head and said, "It's nothing. I've just admired the name of Poseidon Sword for a long time." Unfortunately, I had no chance to see it. The words did not fall, the figure flashed, Wu Guo monk has hurried back. "What do you mean?" Asked Wu Fei. Wu Guo nodded excitedly and said, "Tell us to take him back and eat something first." And then meet in the meditation room. Monk Wufei hesitated for a moment and said, "It seems that he hasn't recovered yet. Let's carry him."   Chapter 34 Doubtful and Unreal. txt? Novel /\ Tian, Tang "There's no need to carry him," said Monk Wuguo. "Elder Martial Brother is going to arrange food. My younger brother is going to carry him back." "All right," said Monk Wufei, "I'll go first. Bring him here quickly." Say, fly away. Wu Guo waited for him to go far away. But he crouched down close to Haiyun and gazed again and again. Suddenly he asked in a low voice, "Boy, are you really the son of Hai Yifan?" "Of course it's true," said Haiyun. Wu Guo swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, "You're not bragging, are you?" "Why should I brag?" Haiyun asked with displeasure. In his heart,Whirlpool bathtub, he had always been suspicious of Fan Putian, a "fire-eating demon" who liked to eat people. Especially when Fan Putian looked at him and swallowed saliva, his expression was even more frightening.