Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven

Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel HeavenKill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel HeavenKill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven


After the rampage, he exerted the power on the seal, itself is stronger than Ning Ze, the understanding of artistic conception is more thorough than Ning Ze, the power of the instant formation of the seal, naturally also occupied the upper hand, abruptly scattered Ning Ze's artistic conception, and then covered the light on the three fingers. Seal covered down, hidden in the seal of energy, also rushed into the position of Ning Ze, artistic conception fell into the downwind Ning Ze, self-confidence was hurt, was the seal to a rush, the whole person was hit directly flew out. People in the air, Ning Ze's body will be heard "crackling", the crisp sound, his body's bones, it seems that can not withstand the impact of the seal, suddenly burst open. Ning Ze had not yet fallen to the ground, but was covered with blood, his face was pale, and his spirit was greatly weakened. What about the position of heaven? Shi Yan sneers,touch screen interactive whiteboard, "Your understanding of the artistic conception of martial arts is obviously shallow, otherwise you won't be scattered by me, who is only in the nest of nirvana.". The artistic conception does not disperse, your three fingers can condense the power of the earth, and I am not so easy to hurt you. "Puff!" Ning Ze suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and lost all his spirit. Shiyan not only bombarded his body with the seal, but also destroyed his will with words. A warrior wants to wield all his strength. Strong will and absolute self-confidence are indispensable. When a person can't even trust himself, even if he still has enough strength in his body, it's hard to release it. Ning Ze is like this. Shi Yan's verbal attack defeated his self-confidence and made him suddenly have an idea that he was not as good as Shi Yan. As soon as this thought poured into his mind, it was difficult for him to wield his strength to the maximum. Originally,65 inch touch screen, he insisted on protecting his body and protecting his bones, but suddenly he was flat. Just then, the jjīng yuan mixed with 1uan made Shi Yan rush into his body and make more of his bones burst open, which made Ning Ze unable to stop spitting out a mouthful of blood, and the whole person looked extremely tired. His spitting of blood meant that he could no longer have confidence in the face of Shiyan. This blow would not only affect the battle, but also affect Ning Ze's life. After seeing Ning Ze fall to the ground, the warriors of the triple heaven in the Xiao Lake shook their heads because of Shi Yan's words, spitting blood, knowing that Ning Ze was finished. These people looked at Shiyan's eyes, but also more dignified up. Destroying a person's body can be done by most warriors, but destroying a person's will requires the accumulation of momentum, great wisdom, and a firm and cold mind. Shi Yan is obviously the kind of person who has absolute confidence in himself and firmly believes that he can surpass anyone and will not yield to any difficulties. This kind of warrior is the most terrible! "You are no match for me." Shi Yan a face of coldness, unhurriedly toward Ning Ze walk, but not in a hurry to hand, electronic board for classroom ,smartboards in classrooms, continue to attack words. Ning Ze looked frightened and sat there in a daze. He panicked and showed a good expression of how to do it. Chapter 391 fighting and understanding. Many warriors looked at Ning Ze, secretly shaking their heads and sighing, as if they knew that Ning Ze was going to be a tragedy. Poor ah, obviously has the cultivation of heaven, but I was defeated in the hands of this nirvana. Hey, it is said that you are a rare martial arts training material for the Tiangong Ning family? Such a degree of blow, you can not bear, how did you break through to heaven? Hehe, are you addicted to Yao? Is to use a lot of spirit to pave the way, just take the dog shit luck into this realm? Xiao aozi is vicious! In the center of the Xiao lake, a warrior in the triple heaven today, watching Shiyan approaching step by step, not in a hurry to kill, but continue to urge Ning Ze, one by one with a strange expression, secretly alert. Under Shi Yan's ridicule and sarcasm, Ning Ze's face became more and more pale, and his eyes panicked. At this time, he had no confidence at all, and only thought about how to escape from here. It's over.. Around the warrior, see the change of Ning Ze's eyes, at the same time a sigh in the heart, know that he will die. A warrior dare not even continue to fight, just want to escape, which means the loss of spirit, the more so, the more can not escape out. Sure enough. Shi Yan immediately stretched out the seal of life and death. The seal of life and the seal of death overlap in the void, containing the artistic conception of the truth of life and death, which suddenly covers Ningze and seals Ningze's way out. Even the way to escape is blocked, Ning Ze is desperate, the will to survive is affected by the artistic conception of death, giving birth to a mentality that I am afraid to die. He did die. Seal of life and death cover down, Ning Ze barely condensed out of the defensive force, simply vulnerable, "simply can not stop the violent impact of the seal of life and death." Horn! The seal of life and death sank into Ning Ze's [body]. "The explosion of the landslide came from his rou body, and the bones of his whole body burst open. The bones that burst open" broke his rou body into pieces. (Hand-made Chinese network 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m) Walking slowly to Ning Ze's side, feeling the passing of his breath, Shi Yan grinned cruelly, knowing that this guy died unjustly, and secretly proud of his actions. Ning Ze, who has the position of heaven, if he is not afraid, he has no self-confidence. "If Shi Yan wants to kill him, he must go from the first heaven to the second heaven, and urge more negative forces.". But because of Ning Ze's own reasons, he lost his spirit and could not wield all his strength, so that Shi Yan could take advantage of it, so that Ning Ze, who was in the position of heaven, could be easily killed. In this battle,smart board whiteboard, Shi Yan really realized the use of momentum for the warrior. Through this battle with Ning Ze, he had a profound understanding of the artistic conception and the struggle of the spirit in the Jiao battle. It was also after this battle that he realized why it was difficult for anyone to challenge a strong opponent. The gap between the two sides was too far. The weak side would have a feeling of being inferior to the other side. With this mentality, it was more difficult for the weak side to wield all its strength.