Sparrow in a cage

Sparrow in a cageSparrow in a cageSparrow in a cageSparrow in a cage


Her words were so true and false that even she was convinced. You rest first and have a good rest. Jiang Lingzhou advised, "I ordered someone to play to my father, and I will take you back to Huating in the future." I don't want it! Jiang Qingqu suddenly opened his eyes wide and said in a trembling voice, "Big sister, you know what kind of temperament your father is. If you let Qing Er go back like this, won't you want Qing Er to die?" The state of Qi is conservative, and a woman who is not married but loses her innocence is a great loss of face, not to mention that she is a royal princess. I'm afraid Emperor Qi just wants to erase Jiang Qingqu's life now, so that he can save the royal majesty. Where can you go if you don't go back to Huating? Jiang Lingzhou sighed. Qing'er can go to Wei with Big Sister! Jiang Qingqu seemed to grab a life-saving straw and said, "Big Sister's husband is King Jingling. If Big Sister is willing to protect me, my father can't kill me!" Jiang Lingzhou felt a little headache. In the past, she just felt that Jiang Qingqu was not very likable, and because of sisterhood, she would more or less take care of modesty. But Jiang Qingqu's actions today have made people feel a little disgusted. If you take her to Jingling without authorization, who knows what trouble it will cause? It's all right for her to make trouble for herself. She doesn't care about such a little thing. What if Jiang Qingqu provoked the dispute between Qi and Wei? The sprout that will cause trouble should die in the mud. As a result, Jiang Lingzhou did a good job of calculating. "Second sister, the elder sister is also willing but unable." She shook her head and said, "I can't take you to Jingling." In such a matter, she disdained to deceive people,321 stainless steel sheet, so she did not want to lower her stature and make up excuses for "having to". She just said so to Jiang Qingqu and went back to take care of Xiao Yuzhang. Jianjia, who followed Jiang Lingzhou, was more flexible than she was. Seeing Jiang Qingqu's face in a daze and a look of disbelief, Jianjia said to Jiang Qingqu, "Second Princess, the name of Princess Jingling sounds loud, but what kind of scene is it under the fame? It's just like a person drinking water and knowing whether it's cold or warm.". "How can Princess Heyang and her bride live freely?" Jianjia said,uns s31803 sheet, but also red eye socket nose tip, a sad has been extremely, empathy look. Jiang Qingqu was a little confused and struggled from the bottom of his heart-if this big sister really had a bad time in Wei, then she went to Wei, just to change a cage. This Jiang Qingqu also wanted to struggle, "Big sister now gave birth to a little prince, then King Jingling should treat her very well.". "What's more, which man doesn't like the beauty of the elder sister?" "Forgive the maidservant for speaking frankly, if the world is really so simple." Jianjia sighed, and her tone became more and more sad. "Does the second princess know how many waves there were in Wei?"? The Empress Dowager died suddenly, King Jingling was removed from office, Concubine Liang went mad, and the teacher did evil. How could this make people feel better? Listening to Jianjia's words, uns c70600 ,x70 line pipe, Jiang Qingqu suddenly felt a sense of fear in his heart, and his face was slightly pale. To tell you the truth, if it hadn't been for the princess, she would have died in the ambush of Chen Wanggu when she entered Jingling. Jianjia shook her head and said, "I've been married for more than a year, and the princess has been wandering around the gate of death several times.". The princess now does not let the two princesses go to Jingling together, for the sake of the safety of the two princesses. "Did the King of Jingling leave his elder sister alone?" Jiang Qingqu asked. What can we do if we marry? Jianjia did not answer, but gave an ambiguous answer. Jiang Qingqu's body was tottering, and his eyes had no luster. If Jingling can't go, where else can she go? The world is so big that there is no place to live. Jiang Qingqu had nowhere to go and did not want to go back to Huating, so he had to stay in Wuyang to recuperate. Outside the city of Wuyang, however, the world was turned upside down. The state of Qi did not have many available generals. Wei Lie rebelled, and the emperor of Qi had only one available general, Jiang Heng, the king of Jianing. Is burning, Xiao Junchi then said to help him eradicate WeiLie and Bretz, this is like a pillow to the sleepy man, Rao is the heart of qi emperor don't want to enter the country, but still allow the matter. As a result, the Xuanjia Army and the soldiers of the King of Jianing, who were guarding Wuyang, became first-class and blocked Wei Lie in the vicinity of Weining. Jiang Heng has seen Xiao Junchi and Xuan Jia Jun's fierce place. In the past, when Qi and Wei had not been repaired, he hated Xiao Junchi so much that he gnashed his teeth. He only felt that he had occupied the right time, the right place and the right people every time. He was very angry and hated him. Now he has become Xiao Junchi's ally. He just knows that the man is really a genius who devises strategies and is decisive and intelligent. No wonder he couldn't get good results every time in the hands of Xiao. With the help of the Xuanjia army, Wei Lie was soon defeated and committed suicide in Weining. As a result, the spearhead of the two armies turned and pointed to the lingering Zhaocheng. That call city this is a spent force, because Wei lie has the intention to have the contrary, has been ignored, this has been left until now. The Xuanjia army had already attacked the city once earlier, and now when they arrived at Zhaocheng, they were naturally familiar with the road, and they were so frightened that he Qitou was going to roll up his money and run away. When the Xuanjia army first arrived at the gate, He Qi was no longer at the top of the wall. He did not have the prestige of humiliating Wei Lie that day, and hurriedly tidied up in the mansion, just waiting for the light carriage and fast horse to flee overnight. Lord! Sir, you must take Honger with you! "Has the master forgotten his old kindness?"? How can we leave our sisters behind when we're running for our lives. The bustling mansion was now filled with mournful cries, and several concubines were scattered and unadorned, hoping that He Qi would take them out of the city together. Fart your mother! He Qi kicked the woman and kicked her heart. "Take you smelly women with you. Grandpa, do I still want to run away?"? There are no women anywhere! Get out of here! The woman felt a sharp pain in her heart and vomited a mouthful of blood. Then she hung her head and made no sound. When the rest of the concubines saw it, they couldn't help screaming. He Qi packed up the money,x52 line pipe, led the horse and left with his trusted followers. "What about Your Majesty?" Asked the pro, who felt uneasy? General don't take your majesty out of the city? As long as Your Majesty is still here, you can make a comeback in the future. 。