African campaigners renew call for action on climate emergency

The climate crisis that is unfolding in many parts of Africa


African campaigners renew call for action on climate emergencies - CGTN


The unfolding climate crisis in many parts of Africa should be addressed urgently. in order to alleviate local communities from hunger, poverty, water stress. and infectious diseases that spread An environmental campaigner said Friday.

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Speaking ahead of the 35th African Union (AU) Summit, scheduled for February 5-6, campaigners noted that climate change has posed a threat to the existence of communities on the continent. Africa Encourage political goodwill to promote relief and adaptation.

Mithika Mwenda, executive director of Pan African Climate Justice in Nairobi, said: “Climate change casts a shadow on future development and prosperity in Africa. And urgent action must be taken to protect lives. ecosystems from further damage Affiliate in a statement issued in Nairobi